Nature unfolding

Roxanne Dault, Dharma Teacher

Photo by Luc Desaulniers

Passionate about meditation for more than 15 years, Roxanne is very happy to share her joy for this millenary spiritual practice. She has participated in numerous retreats in the West and in Asia with renowned teachers. This practice has changed her life and she has the mission to share it to as many as possible for the rest of her life.

Her quest: to be at peace with what is.

Article in Lion’s Roar – Ask the Teachers: What does it mean to understand Buddhism through the body?

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Teaching Schedule

Practice and learn meditation at weekly sittings or on meditation retreats of different length. Currently all courses and retreats are offered online. Full schedule >


Being mentored by a teacher is a great way to deepen your practice. Support on this path is important to navigate the ups and downs unfolding. Learn more >

A tangle within, a tangle without, people are entangled in a tangle. Who can untangle this tangle? Established in virtue, discerning, developing discernment & mind, a practitioner ardent, astute: they can untangle this tangle. | S.N. 7.6 – Jata Sutta